How to respond to the customer experience trends that will shape your business in 2022 and beyond

Customer experience has emerged as a key battleground and businesses that can win the customer experience war will be more likely to succeed in the long term. Today’s customers have been conditioned to expect outstanding experiences based on hyper-personalisation. To achieve this, organisations need access to accurate, real-time data and technology solutions that can help […]
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Ocean Network Express charts course as a data-driven enterprise

Standardised shipping containers and tracking systems have revolutionised the way companies transport goods. Ocean Network Express (ONE), an innovator and leader in container shipping, embarked on its own transformation voyage using digital technologies, public cloud and integrated data platforms. This case study chronicles the company’s journey to the cloud including the strategic decision to focus […]
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Cyber simulator offers immersive and realistic training for students

Turnkey cyber range programme closes the cybersecurity workforce gap With cybercrime on the rise and the scarcity of cybersecurity professionals, organisations in Asia pacific are at risk of cyber attacks and security threats more than ever. Consequently, cybersecurity jobs are growing by more than 30% annually, sited in a report by (ISC) 2, 2021, students […]
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The innovator’s shift to composable ERP

Every business today is impacted by digital disruption. The leaders compete and win based on the technology they deploy, while the laggards face losing faster than ever. Boomi's latest research explores the challenges organizations are facing today as they look to modernize and innovate their ERP systems — and the reasons they are adopting a […]
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Infographic: Driving a 471% ROI with application resource management

Applications are what connect customers to a business. Over time these applications grow in complexity as businesses updates to meet changing customer needs or comply with evolving regulations. More recently, businesses in Asia are adopting a hybrid cloud to enable scale and reach. These changes require computing resources that cannot be left to guesswork or […]
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Forrester Consulting: Total Economic Impact of Turbonomic

Gartner defines application management provision of application services, processes and methodologies for maintaining, enhancing and managing custom applications, packaged software applications or network-delivered applications. Application resource management (ARM) ensures that applications are continually resourced with the right levels of computing, connectivity, storage, etc., to perform in meeting complex business requirements and conditions. Turbonomic dynamically resources […]
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Digitally transform operations end-to-end and scale across the enterprise

Organizations that work like tomorrow use artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation (RPA), mobile technologies and other Intelligent Automation solutions to transform operational capacity and performance across the enterprise at scale. Discover the power of Kofax Intelligent Automation in these five case studies. From customer onboarding to insurance claims to finance & accounting automation, you’ll […]
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Three ways not to lose an insurance customer

Whether it’s applying for a new policy or filing a claim, customer interactions are where the battle for lifetime brand loyalty begins. Customers expect ease of use, intuitive, self-service, fast response, and visibility into the process. Failure to offer this level of service and engagement your customers will walk away from your competition. Leveraging a […]
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The Bots are coming to boost your productivity and efficiency

Technology is at its most transformative when it makes our lives less, not more, complicated. Yet so much of our working lives, are spent wrestling with mundane, repetitive tasks. These tasks take away time and opportunities from employees to analyse critical data across various functions within the organization, and to release their potential through engaging […]
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