The future of endpoint management

Endpoint management remains both a foundational capability and a difficult challenge for operations professionals as they support today’s increasingly remote and hybrid workforce. Luckily, enterprises are increasingly modernising their approach to endpoint management, resulting in better digital employee experience, improved operational efficiency, and a reduced attack surface. This report describes four primary endpoint management trends […]
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The ultimate guide to cyber hygiene

IT hygiene or cyber hygiene is about proactively planning your security strategy to prevent cyberattacks. Cyber hygiene is fundamental to enterprise security and systems management. Improving cyber hygiene requires creating a process to continuously identify assets, risks, and vulnerabilities across an environment and fixing them with speed at scale. Focusing on cyber hygiene can help […]
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The total economic impact of Tanium

Tanium helps organisations secure and manage endpoints from a single platform. The Tanium platform starts with a foundational core that identifies and provides visibility to endpoints wherever they may exist once they are connected to an organisation’s network. Built on this foundation are modules that can help organisations maintain visibility and manage and control endpoints […]
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Confronting the largest attack surface ever with XEM

Organisations are dealing with extraordinary circumstances. It’s easy to manage endpoints when the attack surface isn’t growing or lead digital transformation when it doesn’t need to happen overnight. But that isn't our reality. So how do you enable new and emerging technologies and facilitate digital transformation in these challenging times? Converged endpoint management (XEM) brings […]
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Tools to help build the bottom-line impact of your travel program

Today’s travel decision-makers are being asked to manage far more than travel. For starters, the internal team keeping an eye on your company’s tight travel budget has probably grown. At the same time, you may be facing greater restrictions, a continuously evolving travel environment, and fears of inflation and recession – and let’s not forget: […]
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4 tips for making smarter spending decisions

When you think of every spending decision as an investment in your company, it’s easy to see how those choices – what to buy, where to buy it, and how to pay – present both opportunities and risks. When you’re getting the right price on the right raw materials, for example, it’s an opportunity to […]
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Best practices to increase employee spend oversight

The Asian economy is turning around. According to a Morgan Stanley Research, a survey of 100 global corporate travel managers found that many respondents believe their company's travel expenditures are already back to pre-pandemic levels and will continue to grow. As spending becomes more and more decentralised, employees are making spending choices with less and […]
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C-Suite Survey: ESG progress report for Hong Kong in 2022

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues have moved beyond conversations at executive gatherings to one where industry bodies and regulators are issuing guidelines for compliance and metrics for ensuring adherence. To this effect, Boards at corporate have no choice but to make ESG and sustainability goals imperatives that business leaders must plan for and execute […]
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