Managing risk is key to solving complex IT problems

Cybersecurity and reliability risks cannot be managed by working in silos, although operations and security teams have historically strained relationships as they work on the same systems while having different priorities. Industry analysis and advisory firm, Intellyx’s Jason Bloomberg, explores why building a common engineering approach is the key to collaboration and solving complex IT […]
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The operational significance of real-time visibility

Many organisations in Asia/Pacific (AP) now generate more than 42% of their revenue from digital products and services, highlighting the need for robust and resilient technology to ensure seamless interactions with customers and partners. As organisations, those in government and private sector, continue their digitalization journey, there is growing demand for real-time visibility, whether it […]
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How JLL gained visibility into nearly 100K endpoints with Tanium

Like many companies during the global pandemic, JLL allowed employees to work from home and other remote locations. While this improved worker safety and flexibility, for the company’s cybersecurity staff, all those remote endpoints created a major challenge. Why? The issue is operational coverage. JLL has more than 98,000 employees operating in over 80 countries. […]
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Leveraging data-driven insights across the three lines model

In the high-stakes world of corporate risk management, cyber threats are as complex as they are relentless. Amidst this complex web of cyber threats, the Three Lines Model offers a beacon of clarity and structured defence, positioning it as a critical ally in cybersecurity risk management. The Three Lines Model is a risk management framework […]
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Cybernomics 101 - Uncovering the financial forces driving cyberattacks

A global survey of over 1,917 IT security practitioners revealed the behaviour and proven security measures implemented by ’High Performers’ that can serve as models for success. Key findings The report presents best practices that will help any organisation become more effective in identifying, containing, and recovering from attacks. It also analyses the security challenges […]
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A CISO’s guide to the role of AI in cybersecurity

Today's digital landscape is evolving at an unprecedented pace, and the rapid emergence of generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) marks a distinct shift in how we perceive and use the capabilities of AI. This e-book is specifically tailored to senior IT security and risk professionals seeking to navigate the complex landscape of cybersecurity and shed light […]
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10 questions to ask before migrating to the cloud

Are you looking to empower your business with a strategic move to the cloud? Elevate your understanding of 'lift and shift' with us, embracing questions on seamless cloud migration — faster transitions, cost efficiencies, and minimal disruption, ensuring your unique business needs are met. This OVHcloud white paper tackles all operational issues of cloud migration […]
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Voice of the manufacturing manager

“The manufacturing landscape is changing. Supply chain disruptions, workforce shortages, shifting costs, and other factors are impacting operations and changing business strategies by the day,” says Kerrie Jordan, vice president of product management and data platform at Epicor Software. A survey of 400 manufacturing leaders on their thoughts around technology, business strategies, workers, and industry, […]
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How to take your company from zero to 60 and instantly pivot

This IDC InfoBrief provides an overview of the challenges that CFOs and finance teams face when accelerating their digital transformation journey. Finance teams have become advisors and coaches to the business. They are responsible for driving growth and delivering greater value as they navigate evolving business conditions and the complex, new challenges presented by the […]
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